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Redefining the seascape for high-end, coastal Italian cuisine.

Award-Winning Culinary Institution in DIFC

In the beginning, food was life.
Now, life is food.

In the beginning, food was life. Now, life is food.

An Experience like
No Other…

More than ever, life happens at the table, and you are where you eat. This is the story of rarified worlds colliding to create a modern and chic institution. At Marea, the authentic, bracing flavors of coastal Italy meet the style and swagger of DIFC to form a new kind of gusto. Marea charts the tide for restaurant culture, with exquisite food and unmatched service that set the stage for an experience like no other.

Experience Philosophy

Marea’s story is one of fusion, where two distinct worlds collide to create something innovative and thrilling. Marea DIFC is an extension of its flagship in New York City, which combines the bold flavors of coastal Italian cuisine with a distinctive dining experience that is authentic and contemporary. Marea in Dubai, has brought its signature style and hospitality to a new audience. The restaurant sets the benchmark for culinary excellence and top-notch service. Marea’s appeal lies in attracting people who don’t just seek luxury, but genuinely live it. The restaurant elevates everyday experiences, indulging the senses with exceptional food, service, and ambiance.

Private Dining

Enjoy the best of both worlds – the full Marea experience in your private room and the vibrant cocktail lounge just outside.

Marea Dubai’s private dining area is an exclusive space that offers an intimate dining experience for up to 14 guests. The private dining option at Marea Dubai is perfect for hosting special occasions or business meetings.